Monday, February 9, 2015

The Seventh Goddess

 Well, it's time again for the River of Mnemosyne Challenge! Here is my entry for the first Muse: The Seventh Goddess:

    Once upon a time... well, it was actually a time before time, before life as we know it existed, before the birth of the universe. Before the Big Bang... banged... there were seven goddesses. These goddesses existed in the void, in the nothingness that lays between the planes of the multiverse. They are older than any pantheon, so old that their names are mere whispers in the back of consciousness. They are the Forgotten Ones.

    You might ask, if these beings existed in the Void, what did they do? Well, you see, being goddesses, they each had the power to manipulate the very fabric of reality. And, since nothing existed, they could create absolutely anything on a whim, enjoy its existence for a time, then send it back into the nothingness from whence it came.

    But who were these magnificent beings of such immense power? While their names have almost disappeared to antiquity, the fundamental forces they have always been associated with still remain. The seven goddesses can still be named, after a fashion. They are:

    Truth, she who is fact. Her existence is what allowed the others to come into being. If there is Truth, then all else is possible. Truth is the most straight-forward of the seven, for there can be no falsehoods in her presence.

    Strength, the reason weight and mass can exist. Through Strength, things may exist, may have a physical presence. She is solidity itself. She is force.

    Beauty, welcomed by all, wanted by all. Beauty is whatever she wants to be, because, as we know, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She is graceful and elegant. She is the reason songs are sung; why painters paint and writers write.

    Fear, one of the darker sisters. Fear must exist or else what is the point? Fear is how we know we are alive, what makes us wonder what could be out there in the dark, waiting for us. She is part of the darkness, the caster of shadows.

    Avarice, a desperate need. She is hunger, greed, want, desire. Avarice leaves that taste in your mouth whenever you get something you want. She makes you want more. Always there, always ready to feed.

    Rage, who makes you see red. She is anger personified, able to flare up at a moments notice, finding the smallest bit of negativity to act on. Rage is in all of us, just waiting for her chance to explode into being once again.

    The seventh goddess is, sadly, she who has been most forgotten by her sisters and the entirety of the universe. She still struggles quietly in the darkness, a faint glint of light always there, ready to burst back into life. This last goddess is also the strongest of her sisters, without her Strength, Truth, and Beauty would be nothing; Fear would be completely uncontrollable, Avarice would run wild, and Rage would burn forever with no way to stop. She is a bright beacon in the eternal darkness.

    For you see, this last goddess was Hope.

Now, time to get to work on the next Muse,

William the Bloody Trying His Best to Write Fast Redd


Harnett-Hargrove said...

mmm, nice straightforward introduction and preamble to get us up to speed. I found it interesting in the order of which you listed the players On the favorable, or not, scale from 1 to 7.

Tom said...

super start!

JeffScape said...

Prologue in. I'm curious. On to part 2.

Ute Orgassa said...

Nice story telling. A bit reminiscent of Pandora's box.

Baino said...

Yay William! Fairytale start. Will there be a fairytale ending? Nice premise.