Saturday, July 19, 2014

VidCon 2014: Thoughts from a Super Senior

     So, my original idea for a VidCon video this year was going to be very different from what it eventually became. It was going to be whiny and ranty, and looking back I'm so glad I didn't do it.

     You may ask, what stopped me? Well, it was a little news piece I saw on VidCon 2014 by a local California ABC affiliate. The story focused on upset fans and their upset parents complaining about certain organizational issues plaguing the Con. This helped me put things in perspective.

     If you'd like to see the video segment for that story, here's the link:

     Hearing all these complaints from people not part of the VidCon Community (I discuss the difference a little in my video) made my personal concerns seem mild and even petty by comparison. It felt a lot like one of those "nobody picks on my little brother but me" moments.

     Here's my video:

     The one point that is still disappointing to me this year was my VidCon friends who said this was their final VidCon. They don't feel a part of it anymore. It has changed more than they feel comfortable with and it's time to move aside and let the next generation take over. Believe me, I understand how they feel, but it's still disheartening to hear.

     Because as the Con changes, so must we. I actually thought about this after VidCon 2013 and meant to put some plans into effect, or at least mention them to other attendees, but me being me allowed the time to slip by without taking any steps to even begin.

     So I'm going to plant the seed for those plans right now.

     Next year I think we should make plans to hang out away from VidCon. Maybe we come in a day early, or stay a day later, or just schedule some time during VidCon to grab a bite outside of the convention center and the Hyatt (and the food trucks, God bless them). Let's choose to be a part of the Con, but spend some time apart from the Con. For those of you volunteering, I know how difficult this will be.

     At this point, I feel it's a moral imperative. Otherwise, we're all going to start burning out on the Con, and that would be terribly unfortunate.

     Let's find a way to make it work, and hopefully we'll all meet up in VidCon 6: The Search for More Money.

William the Bloody Already Scheming and Planning for VidCon 2015 Redd

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