Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Aggressive Return

Pardon the dust.  Been a while, but I'm back.  And here is a story for The 10th Daughter of Memory and their Fourth Annual River of Mnemosyne Challenge.  I'm a little tardy to the party, but at least I bothered to show up at all.

Enjoy part 1, entitled:

An Aggressive Return

The large window overlooking the garden in back of Protector Hall shattered into a thousand pieces as a large, armored man crashed through it and landed hard on the floor of the main room.  The joints of his armor moved silently as he righted himself from his knelt landing position.  The armor covered him from head to toe, there was a red tunic covering the chest piece, a cowl over the helmet, and a holster bolted to one side, a pistol of some kind resting in it.

Professor Insidious had returned to seek vengeance once more.


It had been a long week for the Protectors, most of it spent in a distant part of the galaxy trying to prevent an intergalactic civil war between two neighboring races that would have eventually spilled over into our solar system.  One race was ben on the total domination of the other and for one brief, shining moment, Marvelous and his Protectors were the only thing standing between them and their goal.  Eventually, a tentative peace was agreed to and both sides were willing to sit down and discuss things, but not before Marvelous tossed and burned a few hundred ships on either side.

Marvelous would be returning in two weeks’ time to act as mediator for the coming peace talks seeing as the two races were more afraid of him than each other.  For now, he just wanted to sleep.  Unfortunately, as he had often learned as a protector of those in need, sleep was for other people.

Before his head hit the pillow and his arm draped across Coral, love of his life and the Protector known as Elastic Lass, the klaxon sounded.

“Does Evil ever take a break,” Coral asked as she slipped out of bed and back into her costume, rubbery limbs snaking quickly around the room.

“Only on the occasional leap year... and Halloween.  They find it tacky,” Marvelous, given name John Quincy, replied as he quickly thrust his feet back into his boots.

Before Coral had time to think of a witty response, Marvelous sped from the room causing a gust to blow her hair into her face.


Mechano and Flicker, given names Mortimer Freed and Freddy Masterson, decided to unwind the way they normally did, shooting pool and insulting one another while they drank themselves stupid.

Freddy “the Flicker” lined up his shot after ribbing Freed for scratching again, his whole body in continuous motion, giving him his codename.  The cause of this flicker came from a lab accident that permanently shunted Freddy between two dimensions.  He was constantly phasing between one and the other.  The advantage being that he could almost appear to teleport anywhere in the immediate vicinity, and he could drag someone else along.  Unfortunately, the trip was extremely unpleasant for any unwitting passengers.

“I still want to know how you can even hold a pool cue with your... condition freak boy.”  Freed could give insults just as well as he got.

“You’re just sore because I’ve won the last ten games,” Freddy said as he sent the cue ball flying directly towards the six ball, sinking it in the side pocket.

“Luck.  Or possibly some unforeseen advantage of your powers, I haven’t ruled it out.”

“Keep it up, techno-boy.  I’ll show you exactly what I can do with my powers.”

Freed grabbed his cue from the wall where he left it leaning and held it defensively towards his friend.  Freddy immediately jumped into Freed’s face.

“You wanna go?”

“That depends, you talking about a date or a fight?”

“Pretty as you are...”

The rest of Freddy’s retort was lost to the sound of the klaxon.

“Shit,” both men swore as they dropped their pool cues and ran from the rec. room.


The three men all reached the main hall at the same time.  Insidious was there, standing as tall and as menacingly as he could in his techno-armor.  Dusk, the fifth member of the team, was also there, squaring off against the madman.

Dusk was a bit of a mystery.  Real name, unknown.  Full extent of powers, unknown.  Nationality, unknown.  She never spoke.  Her eyes spoke for her, and they often spoke volumes.  Her dark, ebony face was all that anyone had ever seen of her, the rest of her body hidden by a dark cloak.  She had the ability to melt into the shadows.  It was unclear if the cloak was the source of her power, or a byproduct.  When not fighting alongside the Protectors, she tended to simply disappear to parts unknown.  But, as witnessed by the current situation, she always came when the call to action sounded.

As the four surrounded Professor Insidious, Elastic Lass finally joined her teammates.

“I really hoped he was dead after that last time,” she sighed.

        "You and me both, sister," Mechano responded as he glanced towards Elastic Lass, keeping one eye trained on the Professor.

“All here at last,” Insidious bellowed, his voice tinny and distorted as it came through the speaker mounted on the mouth piece of his mask.

Marvelous stepped forward.  “Let’s get this over with, Insidious.  You interrupted my nap.”

Insidious chuckled, it sounded menacing and inhuman through the mask. “And here I thought that Justice never slept, Marvelous.”

“It doesn’t, it merely rests it’s eyes on occasion.”

“And that is when Evil slips past for a little fun.”

“Enough,” Marvelous growls, his eyes begin to shine red.  “You know you can’t win, we know all your tricks.”

“Really,” Insidious questioned, voice as cool as ice.  “What about this one?”

And with that, Professor Insidious exploded in a flash of white hot heat.

To Be Continued

William the Bloody Glad To Be Back To the Writing Redd


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Part 2?

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Gotta run. The klaxon calls.

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Should've kept going, damn you!

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Lots of posturing ... will we ever know where it all goes???

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Oh William...2 parts would have least allowed you to vote. Keep going anyway, nothing like a good superyarn to entertain the troops.