Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Over Easy and a Nice Chardonnay

Another entry into the Tenth Daughter of Memory.

Two Over, Easy

She was nervous. Sure, it was her first time, but with all that training she shouldn't be this unsure.

Of course they had prepared her for this. "The first one," they had said, "was always the worst. Don't be surprised if you get sick afterwards. She felt her hands shake. She knew that was not good for the position she was in, so she tried her best to steady it. Flashing back, she thought of the breathing exercises they had taught her to help her with control.

He was here. She saw him step out of his car, hand the keys to the valet, and walk towards the restaurant. The butterflies that had been fluttering in her stomach were now trying to escape and had lodged in her throat. She pushed all the fear and nervous energy away. She closed her eyes, quieted her mind, took a deep breath...

And pulled the trigger.

No one, especially the target, saw the shot coming. She was gone before his security even started looking up for a shooter.


The second, they told her, would be easier. "Once you've taken out your first, the rest is cake." Personally, she'd always preferred pie, but she got the gist.

This one was paranoid. She had to make it up close and personal. She decided to make a night of it. She called Grace and Elizabeth and told them to get dressed up. They were going to make night on the town.

While he was paranoid, he had a fondness for club girls. Knowing this, she picked out the slinkiest thing in her closet, her showiest heels, and tousled her hair just right. She looked the epitome of the club girl looking for an easy score. In a way, she was; just not the kind of score anyone else at the club was looking for.

The music was loud. Grace and Elizabeth staked out a good spot at the bar. She joined them. She easily spotted him in a private area set up for high-rollers. The intel said he would only be alone with the girls he picked up at the clubs, so she did one final prep and sauntered over.

He was such an easy mark. She made eyes at him and he quickly invited her in. Not wasting time, she started fondling him and kissing him like crazy. His cologne was a bit strong, she had to fight the urge to gag.

Looking deep into his eyes she said, "why don't we step out back, lover?"

He was off his feet before she even finished the last word.

In the alley, he pulled her close and fondled her. He was rough. She reached into her bag and pulled out the dagger. He froze. Did he catch a glimmer of the blade as it reflected the street light? It didn't matter now. The blade was already hilt deep by the time his eyes looked to her, confused and angry.


She ducked into the restroom and quickly cleaned the blade. She then altered her look by throwing on the small jacket and changing her hair and makeup. As she exited, she glanced over to the V.I.P. area where his hired muscle was flirting with a girl that looked to be fifteen. The muscle wouldn't even notice he was missing for another hour or so.

She joined Grace and Elizabeth who were shrilly implying all kinds of naughtiness to their friend. When asked for details, she just said, "you wouldn't believe the things I did to that man."

Her phone vibrated her whole bag. She pulled it out and looked at the message from Control. It read: "Status?"

She deftly typed the response: "Two over, easy."

Slipping the phone back into her bag, she raised her hand towards the bartender.

"Chardonnay," she announced.

Her nerves were completely gone.


Trying something with a character I created years ago and never did anything with. Thoughts?

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