Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neptune's Payback

Trying something a little different for the Tenth Daughter of Memory.

When I was a kid, I used to fight the waves. Literally, I remember vividly getting in the water and punching waves as they tried to push me back to shore. I think it was my attempt to play Hercules.

"A man so strong he could fight the sea!"

Yep, sounds like something I would try.

This especially became a theme as I learned about the Greek and Roman pantheon of gods. Neptune (or Poseidon to the Greeks) was god of the sea and a right nasty character at times. This is the guy who tried his hardest to kill Odysseus on his journey home.

Whether Odysseus deserved it is a discussion for another time. But, as a child who fully believed the version of a story he was given, Neptune was bad news. This is probably why I wanted to start a fight with those waves that were keeping me from the joys of the ocean. They would keep battering me back until I eventually broke free.

Looking back on it, however, I see the other side of things. Just imagine in Neptune was really out there and watching this young boy fight with his waves, challenge his authority. And what if this vengeful god answered.

Like something out of a Roland Emmerich movie I picture a scene:

A boy no more than 8 or 9 having fun and fighting against the waves. He is splashing around and having the best time. Then, the water begins to pull back. Back so far that the boy is left with nothing put wet sand at his feet and a few confused crabs scurrying for a hiding place.

While the boy does not yet realize what is happening, we see a shadow cover the beach around him. Once he notices the darkness, he glances up to see a massive tidal wave hanging overhead. His eyes would go wide, his mouth hanging open like a fish gaping for breath on dry land.

And then, SPLASH!

Neptune would laugh and go back to more important matters while the boy and all other beach-goers experienced the horrors of the deep.

Then, he sends Godzilla to finish the kid off.

Like I said, vengeful.

William the Bloody Should Try to Sell That To Hollywood Redd


JeffScape said...

Hah! I kinda dig this.

Don't forget to vote this time. And don't forget to videotape you plucking 100 whiskers out of your chin, one at a time, with a set of tweezers.

I'm collecting suggestions for your other punishment.

Baino said...

Oh clearly the film maker coming out in this one. You've disappointed one viewer who was looking forward to a little pay back himself! Well done getting in on the 11th hour. VOTE this time, trust me, he's got a barage of punishments in the closet.

Brian Miller said...

did you ever see the short "godzilla meets bambi"...yeah...nice....

She Writes said...

I did not see Godzilla coming! Did not see at all ;). A pleasingly disturbing twisted mind works well here.

PattiKen said...

The gods were known for being vengeful characters, and petty too. And they had some nasty friends. Best not to piss them off, as your protagonist discovered.

JeffScape said...

By the way, I've determined your third punishment. Give me a call...