Monday, April 4, 2011

Today Has Been Interesting

Didn't sleep well last night. Nerves.

Performed my monologue for my acting class, which is being uploaded to Youtube as I type this. It went well. Had a few moments where the lines escaped me, but I didn't let on and kept going. I felt good when I was done.

After that I met with my advisor about registration for next semester. I don't know why, but I seem to treat him as a therapist and tell him a lot more than I probably should. But it's cathartic, you know?

(Kind of like writing down your thoughts for the whole of the internet to see, you might say)

Ran some errands and had lunch with a friend. I was planning on shooting my first punishment video with his dog, but the batteries in my camera died after filming my monologue (literally right after I finished. Which I find odd). In fact, they're still charging! I'm getting a little concerned that they're going to burn out.

Had a moment of true insanity when I found out that a pair of Youtubers I've been wanting to meet were having a meet-up in Durham and actually considered driving the 3 hours there and then 3 hours back later tonight. I didn't go, but I kind of wish I had.

Spent the rest of the day waiting for video to render and all that good stuff. I need to get ahead of myself on my videos. Especially considering tomorrow is a busy day and I'm not sure how much time I'll have to shoot and edit a video. Guess we'll see.

Anyway, figured I'd go journal style today to let everyone know what is going on in the Wild World of William.

Partyin'... partyin'... yeah! Fun, fun, fun...

William the Bloody So Excited Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 3 - Footage of the super perigee moon from March 19, 2011:


Baino said...

I was very happy to be mooned by you but still waiting for the punishment.

William the Redd said...

Punishment filmed. Video will be up tomorrow.