Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stuck In the Edit

Editing is my world at the moment, so this will not be long and probably won't be all that clever.

So, you know... nothing new.

Now I remember why I haven't been working on more short films recently, between school and my online efforts, not to mention my work with Research Paranormal (which had an attempted mock investigation this evening to practice some new methods we were incorporating that was cancelled early due to an uncooperative neighbor watching television too loudly) I haven't really had the time.

This, again, is where I need a Type A personality to handle scheduling and the like. I'm too scatterbrained to really be any kind of success at getting everything organized for a shoot. I typically remember to call or write to an actor or actress days before I plan to shoot instead of as soon as I make the plan in my head.

If anyone knows of any way to help me combat this issue, please let me know.

The edit for "A Battle of Wills" is coming along. As always, I notice things that I wish I had done. I keep meaning to get some form of small dolly so I can achieve interesting tracking shots. Hey, that might be a summer project.

Speaking of summer, once school is out I will finally have a chance to plan out this epic road trip I have been talking about. Wait, have I mentioned the road trip on the blog? I can't remember. Anyway, so I'm going on this epic road trip this summer with my friend Adam (Gears on Youtube). We're driving from North Carolina to Los Angeles to attend VidCon, then driving back. Plans have been tentative until I have time to really work out the details.

With the semester almost over, that time will soon be here. Just need to get through the next two weeks and I'll be able to devote the necessary time to planning and implementation.

I am very excited. This will be my first cross-country road trip.

William the Bloody Cross-Continental Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 26 - A Thank You To All the Regulars:

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Well . . since I've already appropriated Jeffscape's
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