Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still Stuck In the Edit

Still in the midst of the quagmire of editing, so this is gonna be another brilliant piece.

So, there is this guy in my education courses, he started getting on my nerves around the second week of class. He's a "traditionalist," which means that he thinks that standardized testing should be the end all, be all of academic success. He wants things put into a neat little box.

I don't like the box. In fact, I took the box, burned it, and launched it into orbit.

The box and I, we're not close.

And this guy and I, also not close.

But apparently he interprets that dislike for his opinions as some grand conspiracy against him. Here's the problem, Smallville (our nickname for him due to a striking resemblance to Brandon Routh), you are coming into a class that has seen how much the current methods do not work and have been challenged to find new and better ways to replace them. So walking in and saying "change is bad" and "I think a rigid structure is the only way to effectively teach" is the same as saying "hey guys, please argue with me."

Well, that's how I read it.

Smallville really got on my nerves one day when we were having a round-table discussion that somehow turned to the constitution and education. I don't remember what set me off, but he said something that was inane and close-minded and I just snapped. At that point, I decided to start picking apart everything he said and turning it back on him. I would play devil's advocate and attack his word choice on certain arguments.

At the end of class, one of the other students called me Lex.

This pointless rivalry continued through the semester. I did it out of boredom, honestly, and to me it was all in good fun. I could care less what this guy believes. He is of no consequence once I am out of this program (unless he winds up at the same school, which is unlikely).

However, a few weeks ago, my friend Pat and I noticed that Smallville wasn't saying much during class. Then we realized he wasn't saying anything. He wasn't even paying attention anymore. He would do something on his laptop, headphones in his ears for our back-to-back Tuesday/Thursday education courses. Again, this isn't something that really concerns me in any way, until Tuesday.

In our second class of the day, we were assigned a presentation in groups. Smallville had been assigned to work with his table, but after class talked to our professor about working individually (the project was designed to be a group project because it was all about finding a way to teach something in multiple concentrations. For example, our project was how to teach the sinking of the Titanic in Math, History, and Literature).

Last week, Smallville gave his solo presentation and it was one of the most boring things I have ever had to be present for. Seriously, he created a full lesson plan complete with pacing guide and breakdown.

This was not at all what the project was supposed to be. So much so, that the professor e-mailed the class to remind other groups that this was supposed to be a multimedia project either during or directly after Smallville's presentation.

Based on this one presentation, I can tell this guy is going to be a horrible teacher. This was further evidenced by what happened next.

This past Tuesday, the other groups presented. Our group went first. I felt it was a successful presentation even though nobody laughed at our humorous explosion edited in to the iceberg hit in the Titanic trailer. After we sat down and the next group started presenting, I noticed that Smallville was on his laptop, headphones in, not paying any attention.

What. A. Dick.

You put together one of the most boring presentations I've ever had the misfortune of witnessing and then you just shut out everyone else? Who do you think you are? Every other project was actually interesting (you know, that thing you keep forgetting about).

I wish I had seen him on his laptop during our presentation. I would have called him out in front of the whole class and embarrassed him in any way I could imagine. It annoys me that I did not catch him in the act.

Congratulations, sir. You fail the most basic part of being a good teacher. Listening.

I seriously hope that I know someone who works with this kid once he's a teacher. I want to hear that gossip.

William the Bloody Glad He Never Has To Have Class With That Jerk Again Redd

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