Saturday, April 23, 2011

Self-Realization About Youtube

So, I've been making videos for a while now, trying to unlock that partnership "magic" just so I can get to a point where I'm actually making something for the things I produce, and I've come to a realization:

It is entirely unlikely that my main channel will ever achieve partner.

Unless I change things drastically. I can't keep making these sporadic videos and expect to reach the same status as Wheezy Waiter and the Vlogbrothers. I need a regular schedule. I need a plan.

Step one of this plan involves the Media Blitzkrieg channel. I've been trying to get myself on a weekly schedule with that and am being absolutely sure that I do not have any content that I do not have express permission to use. Consider it a test case. The weekly posts start (hopefully) this week. Yesterday I posted an update video. Check it out here.

If I can prove that I have the ability to manage a partner-worthy channel, that might lead me to bigger things. And the production company is a perfect place to start this.

Step two involves figuring out exactly what to do with my other two channels. The regularguy5mb channel has always been a bit of a catch-all. I originally started on Youtube to post short films, then I got involved in the vlogging community and started making my own vlogs. Honestly, I'm not completely sure what to do with it. I'm going to start making scripted shorts of questionable video quality (since I'm often shooting and acting on my own) and see what happens.

I'm trying to create my own path on this site. Need to find my "thing."

Then there's the 5 Regular Guys channel. I really have no idea what to do with that one. It's primary function was a collab channel for vlogging with the rest of the 5RG, but they didn't really seem that interested. Jason was the only one who even tried to make videos on his own. They always talk about ideas and projects, but as yet, nothing has come of them.

Not saying that I'm any different, but it would be nice if at least one of them would say "hey, let's shoot something this weekend!" Or even "yeah, let's definitely do that tomorrow" when I mention an idea.

Since the lack of action from the others, the 5RG channel has become a concert footage channel. I have a retrospective of the 5RG project that I've been trying to film for years and haven't even been able to interview the two of the five. All attempts turn into acts of distraction.

Seeing one of them Monday night, hoping to get five minutes to just ask a few questions.

I would love to make the 5RG channel a place for skits and random video bits from myself and the rest of the five. All I can do is keep trying.

Maybe I'm stretching myself too thin. It would be great if I had someone, ANYONE who would help me with all this. At the moment, I've got nothing.

Even a Youtube partner in the "upper echelon" who I could chat with about what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong would be lovely.

William the Bloody Itching To Do Something But Can't Do It Alone Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 22 - School Project (that inadvertently started my mind on this topic):

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