Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Production Day

There was a time when I didn't think it would ever happen. Today, I finally got back into directing a short film.

I know I talked about this yesterday, but I was fully prepared to write a fail blog today with the excuse that nothing went right and we didn't actually shoot anything.

Not to say that everything did go well, but we still got something shot.

The real issue today was the lack of an actress. I know this was totally my fault due to my poor planning abilities, so it got down to the last minute when all my potentials either neglected to get back to me (probably didn't get the message) or they were unavailable.

We shot at least a full page of the dialogue in which the actress was not needed. I'm going to review the footage this week and see what we've got. Planning on finishing up next weekend.

Still in need of an actress if anyone is interested.

William the Bloody About To Post On Craigslist Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 16:

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