Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh, the Humanity

So, my first punishment video is done and posted.

The real humiliation wasn't actually the act of having a small dog lick peanut butter off my nipple, it's having the video posted to my Youtube channel knowing that everyone is going to see it.

For the first time since joining Youtube, I don't want one of my video getting views. And yet, the views come. This video already has more views than yesterday's and is about to surpass my monologue video (as I type this, it probably already has).

Now I owe only one punishment, only I'm not sure what it is. Haven't heard a final decision on that yet.

One thing is for sure, I'm definitely not doing this again.

If for no other reason than the absolute embarrassment I feel right now knowing people are watching that video.

Was originally going to write up as much of my 10thDoM post as possible today, but got caught up cleaning and writing my script for Script Frenzy.  I'm caught up on that though, so I can focus on my muse now.

For now, I'm off to wallow in my shame.

William the Bloody Thoroughly Embarrassed Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 5:


Baino said...

Hahahaha . . . well you gave Jeffscape an opening. Did you really think he wasnt going to use it! The dog's lucky, I wanted Vegemite! Reminder's up already so get a wiggle on William! Just cos we're in Australia, don't mean we aint watchin'

William the Redd said...

Yeah, I apparently just didn't think it through. Like I said though, it's definitely a good motivational tool. I'm certainly not keen to receive another punishment any time soon.

Also, "get a wiggle on?" That's my new favorite expression!