Friday, April 29, 2011

Finalizing the Edit

Aww... don't tell me he's gonna talk about editing again.

Yep, he is.

Well, more specifically I'm going to talk about copyright.

Why does copyright have to be so important? I mean, I understand that it protects someone's intellectual property from being used in a way they don't like, but when mega-corporations attack harmless video makers for using a music track that they own the rights to, something seems very wrong with that.

Now, if these videos were making any kind of profit, then of course the copyright holder should get some percentage, but half the time these are twelve year olds who decide it would be fun to dance to their favorite song, or even lip-sync.

It's fun, it's a laugh, and if the big-money record companies decide they don't like it, it's criminal.


The main thing that has me thinking about this is the edit on "A Battle of Wills." I'm at a loss for music because I don't have any musical ability and anyone who I have on tap couldn't possibly throw something together this quick.

It would be so much easier if I could just use amazing music properly credited and call it a day.

The same thing is true for Jersey Jones. That project would have been out long ago if I could use the music I have as a temporary soundtrack. Unfortunately, I could never afford the rights for all that.

My kingdom for a... well for a kingdom actually.

Imagine how much awesome stuff I could make if I had a budget like that.

William the Bloody Musically Inept Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 28 - Dancin' Fool:

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