Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Doctor Who Has Lost His Best Companion

Elisabeth Sladen, best known for playing Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who and later in her own spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures, passed away today. She was 63.

It is a sad day for Whovians everywhere. She was the best companion, and to many viewers, the first. A good majority of Who fans started watching during Tom Baker's run and Sarah Jane was his plucky companion for the first chunk of it. She was amazing, as was the woman who gave her such greatness.

I'm not going to start telling anecdotes or posting video tributes, there are already plenty around the web, just look them up. Professional blogger do that, and I think we all know I'm far from professional (a professional slacker, perhaps).

This news hit while I was in Randall Library, and it took everything I had not to start bawling right there in my carrel. Then there was a particular post this evening which was similar to a tweet I had posted earlier regarding K-9, and I got really choked up. Here's the image that pushed me over the edge:

This. This says it all. An impossible robotic dog with an unbelievable sadness at the loss of his mistress. I'm kind of tearing up again just thinking about it.

So my thoughts go out to Elisabeth Sladen's family tonight. I am so very sorry for your loss. She was a fantastic woman and she was loved by what I think is one of the greatest sci-fi fandoms around. She will be deeply missed.

My thoughts also go out to Sarah Jane Smith's fictional family. Luke, K-9, I'm not sure what you will do now without Sarah Jane to look after you, but it will be alright. She has gone on to another great adventure, one we will all eventually embark upon.

She has gone to seek her great perhaps, and I wish her the best of luck finding it.

Okay, I need to stop before I start blubbering like a big baby. Gonna sit down and watch some great Sarah Jane moments.

Truly, she was one of the greats. Rest in peace, ma'am.

William the Bloody Teary-Eyed Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 18:

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