Friday, April 8, 2011

Despicable Me: A Nerdfighter Movie?

This isn't the first time the claim has been made.

My parents are currently in town and we decided to watch Despicable Me tonight (Dad told me to find something cute that Mom hadn't seen. This is what Red Box had to offer). This was my second viewing, and I noticed a few things.

Of course, there is Vector, Gru's chief rival and the new supervillain on the block. His name was chosen because, as he claims, he is "committing crimes with both direction and magnitude" (and making it incredibly obvious that he is a huge math nerd). He also refers to his real name (Victor) as his "nerd name." Although the most obvious Nerdfighter nod comes from his hand-signal, which is exactly like the Nerdfighter sign except that he is making a 'V' instead of the Vulcan salute.

Upon a second glance, I picked up on a few more similarities.

First, we return to Vector. In his "Fortress of Vector-tude" his living room sits on top of a glass floor. Beneath the glass? A giant, man-eating shark. Who do we know who has a giant tank for sea-dwelling creatures under his floor in the Nerdfighter/Youtube world?

Craig (a.k.a. Wheezy Waiter) and his whale tank.

Now, let's move on to Gru. Gru has a horde of minions at his disposal. They seem to be genetically modified beings who are a bit moronic, incredibly loyal, and easily expendable. Again, who do we know who has a seemingly endless army of clones that are a bit dense and easily expendable?

Once again we have Craig, his clones, and his necessity of feeding them to his pet alligator to keep the government from discovering their existence.

I can't be the only one to make this connection, right?

Or, maybe I'm the only who's thought about it this much.

Yeah, probably the second one.

Still, I think Evil William and I should inflict a little payback.

Ready the laser-weasels...

William the Bloody Bent on World Domination As Long As It Doesn't Cut Into His Nap Time Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 7 - Just like Arthur Dent:

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