Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Cat Can Look at a King

Decided to try something a bit different for this Tenth Daughter of Memory muse. Tell me what you think.

A Cat Can Look At A King

     Finding time to get away was the biggest problem. Having someone who keeps track of your every move can get annoying, especially when you're a solitary animal like myself. But, if he ever saw where I went, or even saw me leave...

     No, best not to think about that.


     Oh no, he's looking for me. Probably concerned that I ran off. From what I've gathered, I wouldn't be the first. I wonder what happened to the others. They could have planned to return, but were unable. I have been told it happens quite often.

     He is almost here, it has to be now. If not, I'll be late for the ceremony, and I do not want to think what that would mean.

     The shift is always strange. It feels like I am melting. To the outside observer, it probably looks more like I am fading away.

     By the time he enters the living room, I am already light years away.


     Actually, I have never been clear where this other world is. It is more of a dimensional nexus. It is everywhere and nowhere.

     The others are gathering.

     An otherworldly bell begins to chime. The ceremony begins.

     He is certainly more regal than the last. I try not to think back on that past reign. My kind was forced to placate that madman until we could find a way to rid ourselves of him at last.

     My tail twitches at the memory of the war. We eventually won, but it was a long and bloody battle.

     A holy man steps forward with a scepter. The man slowly drops to one knee in reverence as the holy man hands him the scepter.

     Another cleric steps forward holding an ornate crown. It shines with the colors of the universe. And if you look at it just right, there are both delights and horrors within.

     The man rises, our newly crowned King of Nightmares takes his rightful place upon the throne.

     We bow, to an outsider it appears not unlike a stretch, rears high in the air, front legs extended as far as they will go.

     Our king waves, and we begin to yowl in celebration.

     I will have to return soon. Dilworth will still be looking for me. Fortunately it is a big house, plenty of places for a cat to hide where a man cannot find her.

William the Bloody Cat Owning Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 23:


JeffScape said...

Oh, snap... another William tale (no pun intended)!

Definitely different... I'm thinking Japanese cartoon kinda thing. Then again... you like Japanese cartoons!

Wait a sec... that wasn't different for you at all!!!

Patti's gonna love all of these exclamation marks!!!!!



Baino said...

Nice way to avoid 'punishment'.

PattiKen said...

Wow, William. You actually brought some "excitable" exclamations to the normally cool and collected words of the guru. Good on you.

Rather like that you took a feline perspective on the muse. Cats know things.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Interesting inward point of view. -J

Tom said...

can anyone truly get inside of the head of a cat?

JeffScape said...

Bwah hah hah...

That's TWO punishments you owe me. Where are all the suggestions?