Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bandits Is Just A Good Movie

I don't know if a lot of people know about it, but it really is.

I remember watching this movie when it came out on video (I was working at Blockbuster at the time) and thoroughly enjoying it. So, a while back I saw it on sale for a cheap price and picked it up. Finally got a chance to watch it again tonight.

After watching it again, I figured out what I like about it;

Bandits is kind of like a Michael Bay movie without Michael Bay.

It should be noted that I would like more Michael Bay movies if they did not have Michael Bay there to screw them up.

But back to my point; the style of camera work, the editing, the action scenes, even the lighting all look very similar to a Michael Bay movie. I wonder if Barry Levinson saw one of Bay's movies and thought, "this crew is fantastic. I wonder what they could do without that director gumming up the works?"

There's even a love triangle, which is a long-standing tradition in Michael Bay movies (it's even in Transformers between Shia, Meghan Fox, and Bumblebee).

Also, completely in love with Cate Blanchett in this movie. She is absolutely gorgeous anyway, but with that red hair...

Wow. Just wow.

*Universal Sigh*

William the Bloody Needs To Find An Amazing Redhead Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 12:

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