Tuesday, April 26, 2011

As The Semester Winds Down

I realized earlier today that it was the final Tuesday of the semester. I would not have my weird, full day of classes anymore. I would only have one more session with someone I am convinced is the worst teacher ever to grace the inside of a classroom. I would not have another class with a man who I think has taught me the most this semester. I would not sit in another ASL class and be frantic trying to remember certain signs or trying to decipher what the teacher was saying.

Two of those things I will miss, the other... not so much.

This teacher, the one that makes me question the PhD program of a major institution, has never actually been outside of a college environment. This woman is supposed to be giving us insight on how to teach high school students and she has never done so herself. In fact, her concentration was middle school.

What exactly is this person supposed to teach me?

It certainly was not proper grammar, which she did not have, or the proper way to motivate students, or how to explain an assignment so that there were no questions and complete confusion.

I think one more week of this woman and things would have turned mutinous.

Last week, one of the more even-tempered students finally had enough and called her out on the current pointless assignment in a long line of pointless assignments we have been given throughout the semester, a portfolio through Blackboard (which is probably one of the most useless tools the University has ever forced upon the student body). This "portfolio" is essentially a web page using the simplified templates that Blackboard has available.

How about I just show you one of the 50 websites that I've coded in my lifetime? I guarantee any one of them would be better than whatever this piece of gosa will be, even my old Angelfire page would be a step up, and that's just sad.

The final for her class is a waste of time and energy as well. We have to put together a packet of 40 resources that we can utilize in the classroom. I understand the point of having these resources, but then she gives us this list of criteria for how to present them, and the whole assignment becomes a chore that nobody wants to do.

My main issue with this class and particularly this professor is that I feel we've taken a giant step backwards from the inspiring lessons learned last semester. This woman has single-handedly helped ruin a few students on the idea of teaching. One girl has already changed majors to save her sanity.

Last semester, we were taught to look for certain things in a bad or ineffective teacher, this woman hits every single one of them.

Congratulations, you've just taught every student in your class how NOT to be a teacher.

You must be so proud.

I wonder if Hogwarts is hiring... and if they'd consider a muggle.

William the Bloody Over It Redd

P.S. VEDA Day 25 - The Return of Mr. Jenkins:

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