Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Rules, New Chances To Get It Right

Good gravy, has it really been since August?

I am truly the all-time King of All Slackers. Honestly.

Well, here we sit in the early days of 2011 and I, for one, am finding myself in a bit of a productive mood.

Been busy making videos:

Also been getting back to old projects that I should have had done a long time ago, but instead of apologizing for all my slack, I instead have decided to take a "things will happen in their own time" mentality. As long as I am actually spending some time working on things, I will no longer consider myself slacking off.

Things are happening, and will continue to happen in the new year. So just stay tuned.

One thing I plan on getting back to work on is my Bucket List. This list has grown since I originally mentioned it (two whole years ago, I believe). A few things have been crossed off, but certainly not as many as I like. Here are the first 20 (of 189):

1. Write a novel
2. Direct a feature film
3. Travel across Europe
4. Live in New York
5. Live in Paris
6. Work in California
7. Meet Hank and John Green
8. Meet Maureen Johnson
9. Go to Australia
10. Go to Alaska
11. Go to a red carpet event
12. Perform stand-up
13. Be a stunt-man
14. Visit the City Lights Bookstore
15. Invent something
16. Build a robot
17. Make a puppet
18. Create a web-serial
19. Create a TV show
20. Write a stage-play

I will be striving to cross off several of these items in the new year. There is a decent chance that items 8, 12, 14, 17, 18, and 20 will be completed throughout the year.

Part of the blog this year will be keeping track of my progress on this list.

Also, something long overdue because I have not posted in a while, the Media Blitzkrieg site has had a massive overhaul thanks to the amazing Bekah Smith. She is just fantastic and I cannot thank her enough for everything she's done with the site.

So, here we are, a new year, new rules, new site, new projects, same old regular William.

I suppose not everything can improve, can it?

William the Bloody Ready For Anything Redd


JeffScape said...

You are definitely the king of all slackers.

Maybe even the emperor.

William the Redd said...

All hail to the king... to the emperor?

You're right, that does sound better.