Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Corruption of Evidence - Untitled Work in Progress

Yeah, I think we all knew the blog a week was a pipe dream. I'm going to try again starting now, but honestly classes have been kicking my butt.

Anyway, for some time now I've been meaning to write an entry for The Tenth Daughter of Memory blog. For some reason, I've had a massive mental block when it comes to writing. Ideas come easy, but I can't decide how to write it up. This is my entry for the current theme "Corruption of Evidence." It's just a beginning. This is as far as I've gotten. I do plan on continuing though.

The idea was to write in a Carl Kolchak (The Night Stalker) style. The character is William Ellington, a crime reporter who often finds himself dealing with cases that defy explanation. He is also a part-time paranormal investigator.


Untitled William Ellington Story

It has been said that a lack of evidence is sometimes the best evidence, if your aim is to prove a conspiracy. The members of the Cape Fear Paranormal Research Group will tell you that this statement holds very true if you ask them to retell the strange and unexplained events of February 14, 2010. Did something happen? Was it all some kind of shared hallucination? Well, I will let the facts, as they are, speak for themselves and the reader to reach his or her own conclusion.

Friday, February 12: Twenty-two year old Katerina Mahoney arrives home after a long night of waiting tables. The tips were meager and her feet are tired. She prepares for bed where she will dream of the day she finally makes it as an actress in this small film town. Unfortunately, it will be the last time she thinks of a future. She would soon know exactly what it meant to be “dead on her feet.”

The next morning I and a hundred other intrepid news-hounds surround the home of Katerina Mahoney scrabbling for some word from someone involved in the case. While the amateurs huddle around the police press agent looking for a sound bite, I slip off into the bedroom where the crime scene investigators are still examining for clues. Nothing seems out of place. There has been no struggle. Spotting a friend and slipping him a hard-earned twenty, I ask what the M.E. currently considers the cause of death. His response is troubling.
“Heart attack,” says my unnamed source. A twenty-two year old in peak physical condition? What could possibly cause a heart attack? According to my source, the girl’s face was frozen with a look of absolute terror. Something scared the poor lass to death. I decide to take a quick look around.
The apartment looked just as one would expect from a young twenty-something actress in the making; the closet was full of designer clothing, or at least convincing knock-offs, for nights on the town with friends. There were head shots and sides from various auditions she had likely been to and never received a call back. Near the DVD player there was a case with the disc inside. It read: Katerina Mahoney Demo Reel. When no one was looking, I grabbed the DVD and tossed it into my ever-present satchel. Scanning her bookshelf, I found a series of books on monologues for auditions.
The lead detective spotted me, so I knew I had to make haste. You print one scathing commentary on how a man conducts his investigation and write a book about two of his fellow detectives and you are completely demonized. He tried to sue for libel, but not a single word in that article was untrue, just mildly embellished. As I rushed out, I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A woman, dressed in Victorian era finery, stood in the middle of the room looking down at the spot where the body had been. She seemed pleased. I blinked and she was gone.

I immediately alert Charlie and the rest of the Cape Fear Paranormal Research Group. Researcher Kaylee jumps to it and starts looking into the history of Carolina Apartments. If there is any history to this place, she’ll find it.

That's all I have so far. I'm trying to get better at allowing things to just flow. It was much easier for NaNo because I knew no one would be reading it. Maybe I'll start posting more WIP stories so I can be more comfortable with people reading my work.

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