Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Happened This Time?

A very good question. Wish I had an answer.

Well, Wednesday night we had the Scoop investigation. I almost didn't want to wake up for my Thursday class. The rest of my day was spent trying to sleep, but not succeeding. Still managed to go to bed early that night (without blogging, but I did vlog for my collab channel. Does that count?):

Friday I had 8a.m classes. Fun. Then I came home, filmed a bit for my vlog this coming week, cleaned the house in preparation for my parents coming to town, and got things ready for the Battleship event that Research Paranormal put on that night.

Fun, but tiring, and Friday traffic was IN-SANE! This means I arrived late and didn't get the tour of the ship... which is unfortunate since I was supposed to lead one of the groups to the Infirmary. Paul Bradford and I did find it easily enough, but we went the wrong way to get there. Again, the event was fun, and Paul and I are a pair of photo-bombing fools:


Didn't get home until 4a.m. and woke up the next morning around quarter to 11a.m. (again, because the parents were there and I knew they wanted to grab lunch before heading back to New Bern) Saturday morning. Found out that their show was not good. They went to the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach to see the Temptations and the Four Tops. Apparently, both groups are down to one original member and they have "re-vamped" the show to make it more appealing for younger audiences.

According to my parents, it was too loud and they barely recognized any of the new versions of the classic songs.

That sucks. Why call it a Temptations/Four Tops show if nothing similar to either group is going to be played? Kind of glad I had the Battleship event because Dad invited me along and I don't know how I would have liked the changes.

The rest of Saturday and most of today have been lazy days to recuperate for class tomorrow morning. Did some organizing around the house and online. Going to start revising the Media Blitzkrieg website because that thing needs some serious help.

Now, I need to get to work on the little bit of homework I've been putting off for tomorrow. Nothing major, more introductory stuff. Mainly a few papers explaining how I feel about aspects of my classes.

I think tomorrow I might discuss that in my daily post. Give everyone a break from the "this is how my day went" blog. Maybe go into some new ideas in pedagogy or a brief discussion on linguistics. Or, maybe I'll just post some more wizard rock.

Who knows?

See you all again tomorrow.

William the Bloody Still A Bit Tired But Has Work To Do Redd

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