Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well, That Didn't Go As Planned

Yeah, no blog yesterday.

Sorry about that.

I was fully planning on writing up a Scott Pilgrim review, but things got away from me. My friend Jason is here visiting, so I'm gonna keep this short.

I promise a full blog with Scott Pilgrim review later today. It will happen.

William the Bloody Trustworthy Redd


JeffScape said...

Blood Trustworthy non-voter!

William the Redd said...

I'm sorry!! It's just so much pressure!

Okay, not really. I got back from Scott Pilgrim and passed out in my recliner. Didn't hear your text, and didn't wake up until around noon Friday.

Next time, I promise to remember to vote.

Bloody Semi-Trustworthy?
(or, trust me to forget something every single time)