Sunday, August 8, 2010

Technology Is Against Me, I Swear!

Apparently, Friday and Saturday wiped me out more than I thought. I've spent most of today sleeping. Fortunately didn't have anything planned, because I would have either missed it or just been completely useless.

So, story time. My friend Ash messaged me back in May about a little project she wanted me to work on. She wanted to put together a slideshow for her friend who was getting married. The wedding was yesterday, August 7th, so I said yes because there was plenty of time. Also, this was going to be Ash's wedding present to her friend, so I was getting paid (Huzzah!).

Fast forward to two weeks ago, Saturday July 24th, Life in a Day day. Ash had just received the pictures from her friend a few days prior and we were both going to the Cape Fear Roller Girls bout that night, so we figured it would be a perfect time to meet up for the hand-off (wow, I can really make something benign sound illicit, can't I?). I got the pictures from her and was all set to get things ready to begin the edit.

A few hang-ups though. First, I didn't have internet at the house. They weren't coming until Monday. Also, I still needed to move my printer/scanner/copier (the pictures were actually physical pictures, not digital) from the apartment to the house. This would take until Tuesday night when I finally got the remaining items from the apartment to the house. Then, on Wednesday, Dad came to town to help clean the apartment so I would finally be done with it.

Then, after the final inspection of the apartment and key hand-off on Friday, I was driving to New Bern and planning on uploading my Life in a Day footage. So, as yet, no time for pictures. Of course, as readers of my first BEDA blog know, I had some camera trouble and couldn't get any footage from my camera. That sucked, but I think after running some compressed air through the camera, I've got it back to proper working order. I'm going to be trying to work on some things next week, so I'll keep everyone updated on that.

So, returning home after a trip to New Bern, I finally had internet on Monday and immediately hooked up the printer. Things were working fine and I'd been working on the slideshow off and on all week (mostly just importing the photos and finding the music she wanted). Then, we get to Friday, the day I'd planned on doing most of my work. First, there was the surprise visit from Joe and Carolyn. While, being very glad to see them and spend time with, did kind of eat into my editing time. Especially since my friend Vanessa was throwing a wrap party for the movie she's been working on and had invited me. It became a question of priority, and considering that I was being paid, work won out. Much to Vanessa's chagrin.

Nothing seemed to go right from the start of the actual edit. I decided to use iMovie just because it has the built in Ken Burn's effect for photos and I was planning on doing a lot of that to add some motion to the slideshow. Of course, anyone who has used iMovie knows how much of a pain in the rear it can be. I was planning on working most of the night, getting a good sleep, and finishing first thing in the morning to have it to Ash by noon.

How silly of me.

After losing my render files multiple times and having to reboot on several occasions to reclaim some much needed memory (time to clean off the hard drive again), I was up most of the night just getting most of the pictures into iMovie and getting them in a rough order and resizing.

Knowing sleep was a necessity, I took about an hour's long nap and then jumped right back into it. Time fast approaching, I started getting the edit locked down, having to reupload and replace several pictures that insisted on appearing upside down for some unknown reason and not allowing me access to any setting changes (it's like the files had been deleted and all I saw was a black screen as I tried to change things).

Finally getting everything ready to go about two hours after originally stated (Ash had to be at the church by 3, so cutting it close), I finally readied a DVD burn. Knowing it would take a while, I hopped in the shower. The burn completed seemingly normally, except iDVD didn't want to shut down for some reason. As always, I tested the DVD before leaving the house, and a good thing because it didn't work. All I got from the DVD player was NOPLAY. Extremely upset at this point, I was about ready to fling the laptop at the wall.

In the midst of all this, I started getting phone calls from everyone. My Dad and Vanessa both wanted to talk, and I had to tell them that I'd have to call them back because I was in the middle of a project crisis. Vanessa has little grasp of "can't talk right now" because she always has time to talk, so I had to shut her down and tell her I'd call her later (still haven't called her back). I was severely freaking out and it's hard to explain that to people when you're in the middle of it. Dad said he just wanted to chat, so I told him I'd call him when I got everything settled.

Things would not be settled for another hour and a half. I could not get any DVD to read in the laptop for some reason and was really starting to wig. Eventually, Ash suggested getting a quicktime file that could be uploaded to a jump drive. I wasn't pleased because that would mean massive quality loss, but it had to be done if I was going to have it in time for the wedding. I exported a CD-ROM version and burned it to CD (which for some reason worked, so at least I knew it wasn't a hardware problem, thank the maker) and rushed it to Nate (Ash's husband) around 3:45pm (Ash was at the church). Dad called while I was on the road to meet Nate, so again I had to tell him I was still rushing and would call him back.

Now that the CD had been passed along, I could focus on part two of my day, a planned video shoot for Research: Paranormal. We were shooting the intro footage for the show and Saturday was the scheduled day. I was planning to be done long before three, so Mike decided to schedule the second half of shooting for three until whenever. Plus, the cemetery we were using closed at five. So, leaving Nate's I called Mike to find out where the cemetery was and then called Dad as I drove to the shoot. This was where I had to inform him that I hadn't done anything on Friday that I'd planned to do (relating to school) because of the Weaver's unexpected visit. This led to a "lecture" from him on setting my priorities.

It should be said that I love my parents, of course I do, but sometimes they just drive me insane with their unwillingness to allow me to handle things my own way because it's not the expected way of doing things. I say, as long as it gets done, what's the difference?

Also, my priorities strongly involve spending time with friends when they unexpected drop by for a visit. And considering I missed the party because I was working on the paying customer's requested item, I'd say my priorities are sorted properly.

Rant ended.

Filming went fine, and we were done before five, so good news there. Then, I returned home and a sense of relieve and exhaustion came over me. I didn't realize how tired I was until I got back to the house.

I eventually tried another DVD and it worked fine (of course, the deadline was passed so why wouldn't it work fine NOW?), so I burned another DVD and have been a little worried about trying to play it. I'll try that in a little while, though I'm sure everything is fine without the added pressure of a deadline. That's just the way things seem to go.

Most of today (Sunday), I have been sleeping. I had no idea that everything from Friday and Saturday had tired me out so much until this morning when I passed out on the couch and slept for about six hours.

Awake now, fully rested, and ready to get a ton of things done tomorrow. I really need to get more organized before jumping into these projects so this stuff doesn't always happen (maybe test everything before I start next time).

Tomorrow, a much happier topic. Also, the much stated catch-up post will be up tomorrow because I'm going to spend the rest of the night working on a short story to post for The Tenth Daughter of Memory.

William the Bloody Relieved Redd

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PinkPixieDF (Heather) said...

wow, what a crazy time. Those problems always seem to happen when you have a deadline. That sucks. I'm glad it all worked out in the end.