Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Ain't 'Fraid O' No Ghosts!

I'm trying to remember if I've mentioned Research Paranormal in this blog.

Well, there is a paranormal research and investigations team in Wilmington called Research Paranormal and I am a part of this team.

We've been investigating for a few years now and have found some interesting evidence. We have EVP, a few interesting photos, and some really interesting video moments. Of course, none of these can be proven, but they also can't be disproven.

There are some interesting things happening this week with Research Paranormal.

First, we have a return investigation to the Scoop. The Scoop is an ice cream shop in the Cotton Exchange in downtown Wilmington. We first went to the Scoop a while ago. We got some interesting EVPs and Mike had an interesting moment with his headphone chord. There is a clip, and I think it is online, of this chord being pulled hard by some unseen force. We've yet to determine what it is, but it was definitely something.

Along with this investigation, there is also another event that Research Paranormal is hosting at the Battleship North Carolina.

From the event page:

Spend a night on the Battleship NC with Donna Lacroix, Paul Bradford, Ashley Godwin, and Brandy Green all from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International. Special guests Paul Browning and Research: Paranormal. Dave Jones from Para-X will be there to Live broadcast for

The last event we held was a lot of fun, so I'm definitely looking forward to this.

That will be on Friday.

Classes start on Wednesday.

I'm going to have a busy week.

Should make for some interesting blogging.

William the Bloody Planning Ahead Redd

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