Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How Time Does Sneak Away

No blog yesterday. Sorry about that.

Time literally got away from me. I had plans to attend the Guttermouth show at the Soapbox (because it's rare that a recognizable name band plays in Wilmington), but I neglected to keep a decent track of the date.

It was last night.

I realized this after a day of errands (and Bill's BlogTV show) when my friend Amanda posted a Guttermouth video to her FB page saying "singing along to this tonight."

Of course, I panicked a bit.

My plan for last night included, editing two projects and shooting another.

None of that happened.

Instead, I ate a fast dinner and rushed back to town (I live about 15 to 20 minutes from Wilmington now depending on the traffic).

The show was awesome (even though it didn't start until around 10p.m. and the website said 8), but a bit long. Got to hang out with Amanda and her beau, and it did prompt this awesome pick with Amanda:

Thank whatever higher power is up there I didn't have my 8a.m. class this morning or I would have been in really rough shape. That class involves going to a high school and observing, so they are still setting things up and we need to have the other part of the class first to know where we need to go.

I was able to sleep in today, meaning I could work late last night on finishing a few things and getting things ready this morning.

It was nice. And it was one of the last times I'll be able to do that, probably.

At least for a while.

My one class today was horrible. The teacher seems great and the class will be interesting, but the AC in the building wasn't working for some reason, so it was sweltering in there. I nearly dozed off once and a girl I know from last semester said she felt faint near the end.

Then there was the line at the bookstore (expected, but still annoying). I'm convinced that the people working at the bookstore don't have a full grasp of how to handle that much foot traffic at one time. I had to move a display to make the line move a little easier, and I don't work there.

Tonight, Research Paranormal returns to the Scoop for another investigation. I'm going to grab some lunch, maybe take a nap, and get ready for that.

Also, hoping I can squeeze in a little editing before I go so I don't have as much to do later.

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