Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Day That Almost Wasn't

I have been severely slack today.

Sure, I finished and posted a story, but past that, I have done very little. I planned on shooting two videos today, just finished shooting one a few minutes ago. Still planning on shooting the other and editing both tomorrow for upload. I did finally get Part 2 of the Nerdfighter Meet-Up from VidCon rendered out and started the upload right before shooting my vlog. That'll be done some time in the middle of the night/early tomorrow morning.

So, I guess I did get something accomplished.

Just not as much as I'd like.

I did discover a new love, though it won't treat me well in the long run:

Bacon Cheesesticks from Papa John's.

Too good to exist. And extremely dangerous.

Tomorrow I promise a full post with video and everything, but for now here's a little catch-up blog to finally put me back in the black.

William the Bloody Caught Up Redd

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