Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Catch

The following is a very rough short story that I am submitting to the Tenth Daughter of Memory. Enjoy.

The Catch

      "There's no way. It can't be that simple!"
      Rob just smirked at his roommate's consternation. He shrugged.
      "Dude, I can't help it if the ladies find me irresistible."
      Joe started laughing from his usual spot on the couch, the spot with an imprint of his butt molded into the cushion, where until now he'd remained silent.
      "Shut up, Joe. Look Josh..."
      "Look nothing! You paid the bitch or something."
      "Well shit, Josh. Maybe if you didn't call women bitches you could convince a model to date you, too."
      Josh snorted, "Yeah, and maybe if I had received a small fortune from my dead grandfather, the ladies would find me irresistible too!"
      "Oh! So now she's a gold-digger as well?"
      "Basically, yeah."
      "Fuck you, Josh."
      With that Rob flipped his roommate the middle finger and stormed off, slamming the door behind him.
      Josh looked at Joe who had never taken his eyes from the game of Marvel vs. Capcom he'd been playing.
      "Tell me I'm wrong, dude," Josh said to Joe.
      Joe, without looking away, shrugged and slightly nodded.

      Rob was still seething when he pulled up to Kiki's house. They'd met, curiously enough, on one of Kiki's shoots. Rob was working with the lighting crew and Kiki came up to him during a break and started talking. She said she'd heard him talking about movies and thought he had good taste. Now Rob was one of those shy guys who didn't approach women, but Kiki was so easy to talk to. They hit it off immediately.
      For the past four weeks, the two had been together every night. Most of those nights were spent watching movies, either in the theater or at one of their homes, typically Rob's because he has an absolutely massive collection. Of course, there were a lot of nights at Kiki's as well because her roommates were away a lot and Rob's never seemed to leave.
      Not that anything had happened to absolutely necessitate an empty house, but it was nice to have a little alone time.
      He parked the car, gathered himself, and walked up to the door.
      There she was, gorgeous as ever. He had thought why a woman so absolutely beautiful as Kiki would even give him the time of day, much less date him more than the one time. Things like this didn't happen, did they? Maybe Josh was right...
      Rob forced those thoughts from his head and said, "Ready?"

      "Yeah," she said grabbing her keys from the hook by the door. Just let me tell the roomies.
      "Bye! Try not to have some sick lesbian orgy while I'm gone!"
      "No promises!"
      Kiki shut the door and beamed her 21 kilowatt smile at Rob. "Okay. Let's go."
      He opened her door for her, being the chivalrous man he was, then walked around to the driver's side and got in.
      As they drove, Rob couldn't help but keep flashing back to what Josh said. It wouldn't leave his mind. He tried to focus on what Kiki was saying, but it was no use. To him, she sounded like an adult in a Charlie Brown cartoon. All he heard was, "wah wah, wah wah wah."
      "Sorry," he said, trying to get himself focused.
      She smiled, "I was asking what you were taking me to see tonight. You were very cryptic over the phone."
      This made Rob smile. He had a friend who owned the land where the old drive-in theater used to be. The screen was still standing, so he got a great idea for a date and got a projector set up. He then borrowed a popcorn maker from his church and got a cooler. His friend agreed to work concessions as long as the two could at least talk about Rob investing in a film he was trying to put together.
      Not saying a word, he pulled into the old drive-in lot, now overrun with weeds, pulled up to one of the still standing speaker boxes, and parked.
      Kiki just looked around and was about to ask what they were doing when the screen came to life. Her eyes lit up as the old dancing food cartoon appeared. She looked at Rob, then back at the screen. She was at a complete loss.
      Rob just smiled wider. "Popcorn," he asked.
      Still unable to form words, she just nodded. Her eyes were beginning to glisten a little.
      He stepped out of the car and walked up to the concession booth where his friend Tom was waiting.
      "Surprised," Tom asked, handing Rob a large tub of popcorn and a pack of Red Vines, Kiki's favorite.
      "I think she's tearing up in there."
      Tom just winked, gave Rob the thumbs up and a cheesy grin.
      Rob just chuckled, shook his head, and returned to the car. On the walk back, his mind returned to what Josh had said. Maybe she was just with him for his money, at least at first. In the end, did that really matter? They did have a lot in common, they enjoyed spending time together, and Kiki was legitimately pleased with Rob's surprise. He opened his car door, sat back down, and was quickly attacked by Kiki's passionate hug and a strong kiss on the lips.  Sure, things like this didn't happen to guys like him often, but they were happening right now, no matter what the reason.
      When he finally got a chance, he offered her the pack of Red Vines and the popcorn. The two snuggled together as "To Catch A Thief" started.

William the Bloody Fictionalized Redd


Brian Miller said...

nice. glad you hooked up with 10DOM...i might have to see if i can pull that drive in stunt...we still have working drive ins here in the area though. nice story...

Tom said...

yeah--don't listen to stupid jealous friends! good fantasy (or is it true?!)

moondustwriter said...

Ha - quite the story. Would like to know what is in kiki's brain anything that matters????

Thanks for linking up with 10DOM

Baino said...

Hey about time you posted again! Sweet story good to see that nice guys don't always finish last. Plus I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

PattiKen said...

Sweet. Too bad his "friend" had to plant that seed of doubt.

And, boy, what a romantic gesture.

JeffScape said...

I don't know what I'm in more shock about. That you wrote romance, or that you posted.

'Bout fucking time!