Thursday, August 12, 2010

And Knowing Is Half the Battle


Today I just had to watch my newest purchase, the G.I. Joe movie.

No, not the unbelievable P.O.S. from Stephen Sommers, the classic animated movie based on the cartoon. You know the one, with Golobulus and Cobra-La?

Yeah, that one.

Well, I watched it twice. Once just straight through, and then again later on with the commentary (I've been editing video today, so needed something I could just have in the background and not fully pay attention to).

The commentary was very informative.

Buzz Dixon, story consultant of the movie, who as it turns out was actually one of the writers, but could not receive credit due to a rider in the man who was given credit's contract. This guy was apparently guaranteed "written by" credit regardless of how much of his script they used.

Screwy, but it happens.

Anyway, Buzz told a lot of great stories about writing the movie. For one, Cobra-La was never meant to be the final name of the ancient civilization, it was merely a place-holder. Hasbro loved it and left it in, however. He also said that regardless of the dialogue, Duke does die in the story. That's the way it was written.

To drive this point home, Buzz quotes the entire Dead Parrot sketch when referring to Duke as he dies.

"This is an ex-Joe," he says. This made me chuckle.

Later, when Doc comes over the radio at the end and says, "Duke has come out of his comma," Buzz only says one word in response, "bull."

I have to say, I did always wonder why we never actually saw Duke once he was awake. Now I know.

Other than that, I've got a video for In the Great Perhaps uploading to Youtube right now. Should be live in a little while.

I'm going to have to leave things here for today. I have to get ready for the Scott Pilgrim midnight release. I am incredibly psyched for this movie. Been waiting for it all summer.

I promise a full review tomorrow.

William the Bloody Excited to Finally See Scott Pilgrim Redd

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PinkPixieDF (Heather) said...

Watching movies with the commentary on is the best. Bobby made a vlog talking about how it is sad that if we choose to go with new technologies like Netflix, we lose out on the "special features" of DVD's, we don't get to watch movies with commentary from Netflix and that is a bit frustrating. I guess that's one way that we know DVD's might never go away, unless they find some other way to offer those special features.