Monday, January 18, 2010

#162. Write to Maureen Johnson

So, 2nd post in as many weeks.

Honestly, I'm as shocked as you.

Just finished watching the first episode of the Buried Life's MTV show. I like that it's happening, hope they do well, but first ep. was sneaking into the Playboy Mansion. Hard to top.

Also had to check out "My Life as Liz." I really like the concept. It's like "The Hills" for normal people. It's the Anti-Hills. Definitely down for that.

A line from the show:
"Glitter is the Herpes of Arts & Crafts."

Enough T.V. talk, back to the blog.

So, last week I talked about finishing things and my bucket list. Well, I started looking through my list to find something that would be easily accomplishable when I stumbled upon number 162:

162. Write to Maureen Johnson

This was part of a selection added to my list from a blog post from Maureen herself. She started the BEDA (Blog Every Day April) project that I took part in last year. During that project, she posted a blog about a list of goals on a box of cereal that were a bit extreme. So, in retaliation she created a list of goals that were, to a degree, mundane, but easily accomplished.

One of the items she had on her list was to write to her, so I did. In fact, I wrote a ridiculously long e-mail. No surprise to anyone who's read more than one of my blog posts, I tend to ramble. This letter was no different. Actually, it might have been worse.

Haven't heard back from her, don't know if I will. Not the point of the exercise anyway.

So there you have it, another item crossed off the list.

Until next time,

William the Bloody Ramblin' Redd

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