Sunday, June 7, 2009

More CFIFF '09 Highlights

William Lilly, a filmmaker out of the Raleigh/Durham area, has put together a video of his experiences at this year's Cape Fear Independent Film Festival. Check it out:

2009 CFIFF Highlights (Low-Definition) from William Lilly on Vimeo.

Since they were filming all weekend, this video is much more in-depth than mine.

He had a film at the festival which everyone should check out. It's a very personal story for him. Be sure to watch Letting Go:

Letting Go (New Audio Mix) from William Lilly on Vimeo.

Also, there was a really great short running on the CFIFF Trailer Park reel called Run:

Run (Rough Cut) from William Lilly on Vimeo.

Another must see.

I was originally going to post his CFIFF video as an edit to my CFIFF blog post, but realized I also wanted to mention his other videos. So, all new post.

William the Bloody Embedded Redd

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