Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Bruce Campbell is My Idol

So, I'm sitting here getting ready to watch "My Name is Bruce" and I wanted to talk a little about Bruce Campbell.

This guy is a cult icon. From the Evil Dead series, to Brisco County Jr or Xena, you've probably seen him around.

Lately, he's been talking up the idea that Hollywood has completely embraced the B movie (not always in a good way). His main point is that people keep confusing the term "B movie" with "independent". A B movie is the second part of a double feature, paired with a movie that was considered more viable by major studios back in the day. Most B movies were genre films: westerns, sci-fi, fantasy, horror; these are all B movies. And, if you look at most "A-list" movies now, they're B movies.

As Bruce himself likes to say:
"If you get bitten by a radioactive spider, that's a B movie!"

And, he's got a valid point. Hollywood has tried to change the term over the years as they realize that these genre films are viable and funnel more money into their production, but a B movie is a B movie regardless of the budget. Transformers might have been produced with $151 million, but the story is about a bunch of robotic aliens bringing their long-standing war for supremacy to Earth. THAT-IS-A-B MOVIE!

*brief pause for pizza and movie*

And, I'm back.

The other point he makes is about the independents. A lot of the movies being termed "independent" right now are just low-budget studio films to grab a niche market. Again, as Bruce puts it:

"If you already know your release date before you begin shooting, that's not an independent."

Again, he's got a point. An independent, a TRUE independent, is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of thing. You really don't know how things are going to work out until the final print is ready to be screened to the public (even if that only includes the cast, crew, and family members). Ever since the independent explosion in the 90s, studios have tried to grab a little of that pie (as they always do).

The more I get involved with movies and filmmaking, the more I realize that independence is the real answer.

On that note, I guess I really need to get to work on some moviemaking.

William the Bloody True Independent Redd

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