Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Is Disney's Issue?

Why do they try to make EVERY Disney "star" into an actor/singer?

I guess it started with Miley, but does every single "star" have to sing AND act? Let's do roll-call: I mentioned Miley, then you have Mitchell Musso, Emily Osment (that's all from one show!), the Jonas Brothers (who started as just singers, but Disney had to turn them in to actors as well), Demi Lovato, Ashley Tisdale (and the entire HSM cast)...

The list goes on, but that's all the names I can think of at the moment.

Look, I know Disney has had luck in the past with their child musicians, but let's also look at the history of those children as they grow up.

Let's talk Lindsay Lohan. Let's talk Britney Spears.

Hell, let's go back to the days of my youth with Jennifer Love Hewitt on "Kids Incorporated" (not really an example of a problem, just had the thought while writing).

Speaking of "Kids Incorporated", let's not forget Fergie. (which might be one of Disney's true success stories because she stuck primarily to the music).

Can Disney not see the damage they're doing through all that money? Do they care?

The worst was seeing Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens at the Oscars this year. During their red carpet interview, the no-name interviewer (couldn't even get a main-line interview, what a pity) said something to the effect of "it won't be long until you're back here as a nominee." That's horrible.

Giving these poor kids false hope like that.

William the Bloody Sick of "Celebrity" Redd

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