Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today is April 1st, and I am a fool.

Along with being the most notorious day of the year, April Fool's Day, it is also the first day of BEDA (Blog Every Day April).  Today, I choose not to focus on any tricks, but instead keep my focus on my writing.  BEDA is going to be a challenge for me because I am not a "regular" blogger by any means.  In fact, every time I try, I fail miserably.  However, I have hope.  Because I want to complete BEDA successfully for myself, I feel I can actually pull this off.

It's strange that we can convince ourselves that anything is possible as long as a challenge has been laid down for us.

One benefit of my BEDA attempt is that I've already started blogging once a week as part of a collab project.  We call ourselves the Five Awesome Bloggers.  Check out the blog to read more about us.  Elayne (who is Monday on FAB) was the first person I heard talk about BEDA and I instantly wanted to be a part of it (partially because I have a bit of a crush on BEDA creator Maureen Johnson, but also because I need to get into a regular writing habit and thought this would be a good way to do so).  Also, today being Wednesday, I have to blog twice.  My FAB blog will be up later today.

So, I'll make today a quick one.  Just wanted to talk a little bit about why I decided to participate in BEDA.  I'll try to keep from mentioning it in every blog, but it seems appropriate for the first day.

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow for Day 2

William the Bloody Hopeful Redd

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