Friday, April 10, 2009

Really Need To Start Writing These Earlier

I did start out well. Honest.

One problem I seem to have is keeping things interesting in my own life to actually translate in to something to write about.

Went to the Cape Fear Independent Film Network social gathering tonight at Bottega Gallery. These are always fun. Had another great chat with actor Dan Donovan and with Jenn Mullins.

Other than that, nothing really happened today.

So, I guess I'll just talk about what I'm watching on television right now.

Sci-Fi has just started running the BBC show "Primeval", and I'm watching the first episode. Seems interesting, but I wonder about the premise. I mean, a show about a group of people dealing with creatures coming through a rift in time (and possibly space)... does sound a little similar to "Torchwood". I've been reading up on it, and apparently the producers keep trying to avoid comparisons to "Doctor Who" claiming it's more "reality-based."


A rift in time (and possibly space) that spits out dinosaurs (and apparently future creatures) is more "reality-based" than a show about a time-traveling alien who flies in a blue police box? Or a show about a rift in time (and definitely space) that spits out aliens and artifacts collected by a team of trained investigators?

Methinks these producers have a strange grip on "reality."

I just think you should call a spade a spade and have a little Torchwood action in an episode or two. I mean, Torchwood's got a resident pterodactyl flying around their tower.

Why do shows resist obvious correlations and potential crossovers just because they want to "do their own thing"?

Just sayin'.

William the Bloody Reality-Based Redd

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