Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our American Cousin

It's the last piece of entertainment that President Lincoln would ever see.

With that knowledge, I never knew that the play was a comedy. Strange what history can do to our perceptions.

Anyway, the UNCW theatre department put on this very funny play about an American visiting his English cousins and saving the day. I just got back from the show. It was really well done.

The director, a former professor of mine, Dr. Terry Theodore, followed the original concept of this play, including the performance of olios between scenes. There were little bits of humor injected into the entire play, either in the form of clever wordplay, or just in the deeds of the characters themselves.

I really enjoyed the show, as did the whole audience. At the behest of the performers, we cheered the heroes and booed the villain (to which he reacted as he should, by threatening violence upon us).

Now, I'd like to say that my love of theatre was the sole purpose of my going to the show, but it wasn't. A friend was playing the part of Florence Trenchard (quite well) and, if you follow the link to this review, you'll see her. Also, this was Dr. Theodore's final production. He is retiring from teaching and directing after 31 years. So I had to make it out and see the show.

I do have to thank Keely (my friend playing Florence) for renewing my interest in theatrical productions. I really do enjoy going to plays, and having a friend who is steadily getting parts in those plays definitely helps me get off my duff and go see them.

Speaking of Keely, I don't get to see her as often as I'd like (it's been a number of months since I saw her last... until tonight anyway). Honestly, I just now gave her the Christmas/Birthday gift I've had since the holidays, this was the first time since before Christmas that we've seen each other. That needs to change.

In the fall, UNCW is putting on a performance of Waiting for Godot, which is one of my favorite plays (alongside Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead), but I've never seen it performed. Definitely looking forward to seeing that.

The more I go to the theatre, the more I actually want to write for the stage. I'd like to write at least one stage play. I have a few ideas I've been working on, just have to see if anything comes of them, or if I decide that they will work better in another medium (not the first time that has happened).

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