Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking At My Options

So, the spring cleaning is moving along, slowly, but forward.

I've started to post things for sale on craigslist, but there are no interested parties at the moment. If no one buys, I need to figure out some other options. E-bay doesn't seem to be working, and I don't really want to keep wasting money on something that won't return anything.

Don't know if anyone here would be interested, but right now there are two listings. One is a box of Hero Clix that's never been used:

The other is a series of comics. It's part of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe:

I'm going to put together a few more listings tonight or tomorrow, but I need other options.

Has anyone tried selling things at a flea mall? There's one here that only charges $14 for a space.

Damn this economy! Why do I decide to sell when nobody has the money to buy?

William the Bloody Selling It All Redd

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