Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's Talk About Film!

So, anyone who knows me knows that I am a filmmaker. After running my friends to the airport for their weekend away, I've spent the rest of the day with film festival preparations.

My associate and I are entering five films into the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival this year. Today was the absolute final deadline and, as with so many other things, I waited to the last possible minute. I burned my DVD last night and was ready to run it to the festival organizers today. Since I was heading that way, Mike (my associate) was going to give me the other four films to deliver as well.

This is where we ran in to a brief dilemma.

For some reason, Mike was having problems getting his DVDs to play right. The first set all had parts that would skip terribly. So, he started another batch using a different encoding process. This group didn't skip, but it was of a much poorer quality and looked a little blurry.

We still aren't sure what the problem is. He's still working with a PC. Of course, this is where my suspicions lie.

To me, the edits he's been working on with Sony Vegas look too much like video. I shoot everything in 24p (which is as close to film as you can get with digital video), this means that it looks like film when you put it together. I don't know what it is about Vegas, but it just kills the 24p look and makes it look like straight video... still beautifully shot, but video.

Eh, I'm just gripin' now. Moving on.

I'm really hopeful that our films will make it in. I'll keep everyone updated.

I really like the CFIFF. The people who run it are great. They always put together a fun festival. It is one of two festivals in Wilmington, NC, and it is definitely the better of the two. I could go in to detail about the other one, but I've already griped enough in this blog. Maybe later...

Along with the CFIFF, we're also going to be entering the Sister City Film Festival. The Sister City takes place in my home town of New Bern, NC. It originally started as an event called the Independent Filmmaker's Conference and was run by a student organization at Craven Community College. Now, it is a burgeoning festival put on every year by members of that organization who have graduated. It's another great festival.

I've gone on long enough about this so, I think that's where I'll leave things for today.

William the Bloody Submitted Redd

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