Thursday, April 2, 2009

It Can't Come To This!

It is only day 2 and I'm having trouble coming up with something to say today.

Let's hope it's just a fluke.

So, to keep myself from having a bunch of short blog posts which basically say "I have nothing to say", I'm going to just write about my drive from New Bern to Wilmington.

Nasty weather for a drive. Even with the rain being swept up by drivers in front of me, I couldn't bring myself to slow down that much. I typically drive about 5 miles over the limit.

*Brief interruption to watch Mysti Mayhem on BlogTV*
*Then Toler calls right at the end of that and wants to talk about documentary projects and such*

OK, slight deviation from scheduled blog, let's get back to that. I get the feeling those two pauses will be the subjects of future blog.

Now, back to my driving:

So, rain, speeding, other cars who can't handle a little bad weather...

I have to say, I get some remarkable road rage when I drive. I don't know what it is. Maybe my general frustrations just get vented behind the wheel so they don't affect me as much (would explain why some things don't seem to faze me). But, I do get so heated in the car, that I often wonder what I must look like to everyone else. Probably like a maniac.

Anyway, the drive back was relatively uneventful, and now I can't remember why I thought it was a good idea to talk about it.

Welcome to my world.

See why I call it "nonsensical"?

William the Bloody Glad He Tuned In For Mysti Mayhem Tonight Redd

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