Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm A Mac, F$#K PC!!!

Microsoft is really starting to piss me off.

These recent ads with celebrities claiming proudly that they're "a PC" are just B.S. Seriously, the original point of the Mac vs. PC commercials was to show the differences between two systems using people to represent each system. Now, admittedly they chose to portray certain stereotypes about the users for each system, but it makes since when you think about it (and, honestly, I look more like the PC guy).

But, Microsoft decided to take things personally and create this new ad campaign with everyone proudly proclaiming that they are a PC. What really gets me about these ads is that they portray the Mac as some great unobtainable thing for "the cool kids". The ad they've been playing recently is about people wanting a laptop "for under $1000". The thing is, they want great laptops for next to nothing.

The thing is, you get what you pay for.

This is something that I've always lived by. You can find cheap stuff that just so happens to be quality as well (sometimes), but computers don't work that way. Cheap computers are exactly that, CHEAP! And PCs are, indeed, the cheapest computers around... for a reason.

Microsoft has yet to create a truly stable operating system. And, moreover, they are constantly under threat from viruses.

Macs, while being more costly, are much more stable computers. I've had my Mac for almost three years now, and I have only had one problem with it. The fix was quickly handled by Apple Care and the laptop was returned. The fee was a mere $300. I say mere because after looking online the issue was quoted as being about $1200 to fix at a standard repair shop.

Also, as far as I know, only one virus has been created specifically to target Macs, and it was fixed with a security update within hours of it being discovered.

So, Microsoft, learn to deal with your inferior O.S.

OR, fix the damn problem!

Just stop taking out your frustrations out on Mac. They can't help that they rock and you suck.

I actually want to make a parody commercial with myself dressed as the PC guy where I just walk out, look directly at the camera and say:

"I'm a Mac, F$#K PC!"

Middle finger flying high.

Also, before anyone jumps in on comments, I'm not a gamer, so I could care less about being able to play a game on my Mac. As long as it still edits video like a dream, I'm not switching back.

William the Bloody Mac Redd

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