Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Have Just Been Lazy Today

First, I was up late last night watching television and synching up my blogs. I decided around 11 to add all my BEDA blogs to my Nerdfighter ning page as well. Fortunately, it's a simple copy and paste, still time consuming though.

Today, I have been doing a little editing. You would think it would be easy just to add a little piece of footage into the editing timeline, but it has proven to be a complete pain in the rear. I'm thinking of just killing my original idea and just go for the old "Lucas wipe". Might be better.

In between my editing, I've been watching TV. They were running "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" on TCM earlier, and now the M*A*S*H series finale is playing on TVLand. Watching that while I write.

Speaking of TVLAND, is anyone else a little sickened by "The Cougar"... and all these dating shows for that matter? These people have no concept of love, just good television. If you were looking for true love, you wouldn't be putting yourself on national television to be part of a sideshow for all to see.

"Rock of Love". Really? Does anyone think Bret Michaels has any chance of NOT continuing the only real source of income he's got right now? Ladies, grow up. He's not gonna actually stay with any of you, he's got another season to think about.

I'm gonna keep it short today, need to go to bed at a decent time tonight (but probably won't) and I want to get that editing issue fixed before I log off.

William the Bloody Lackadaisical Redd

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