Sunday, April 19, 2009

Final Cut Film Festival

Went to the screening tonight. As always, there were some really good submissions, and some just alright ones.

Apparently, only twelve teams entered this year, and one never turned in a short. This means that, with a Top Ten screening, only 1 short didn't make the cut. That kinda sucks. I would be very unhappy if I was a part of that team.

Something seemed to be missing from this year's festival. Several people mentioned it, but none of us could put our fingers on what it was. I mean, the festival was great, it always is. Matt and Sarah are great and they put themselves through hell getting everything together for this thing every year. But, something seemed different.

I can't explain it.

I really wish I could have been a part of it again this year, but just didn't have the money. Or, honestly, the time. I really need to finish my outstanding projects before throwing myself into another one.

Next year, I'm planning on going big. It's an idea that I and my friend Jonathan have been talking about for a while, and I finally know how to start the whole thing off (the missing piece).

The only problem with this plan is that it involves part of a feature I'm writing. So, we need to have at least the necessary scene shot for this whole thing to work.

It's certainly possible that we can pull this off in a year, let's just hope we actually do.

William the Bloody Penniless Redd

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