Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Even God is on Facebook

I originally had every intention of writing two blogs today, but after eating my feast of Chinese food, I kind of passed out. So, instead I am going to repost my FiveAwesomeBloggers blog (which I finished before dinner):

A friend sent me this yesterday:


So, not only does God have a twitter, he's also on Facebook. I guess that ends the Facebook vs. Myspace argument. I mean, who other than God would have the final word in... well, anything I guess.

Other than interesting images in my e-mail, nothing much going on this week.

Oh, since I brought this up originally, the Buried Life has a new trailer up:

And now that I've made this post all flashy with a picture AND a video, I shall leave it at this:

Madison: As a particular commercial (I think it's Visa?) has been saying: Go.
Tom: Your tactics for school sound very similar to mine. Sleeping in always wins.
Elayne: Hello? *hello hello hello....*
Madi: I forgot about Bones on Monday. I hate that House has been airing on Mondays. I always watch "Big Bang Theory" and "How I Met Your Mother". Of course, if I'd remembered Bones, I would have watched. BBT and HIMYM were both reruns.

While I've been writing this, my potential dinner plans were abruptly cancelled by a friend who doesn't feel like leaving the house (can't say I blame her, I've been having an "in day" as well). So, I have just ordered Chinese. I shall now await my delivery and figure out something to watch since Lost isn't on tonight.

After a discussion our group was having last week, I think I'm going to watch The Usual Suspects.

This has been your Watchful Wednesday,

William the Bloody Sleepy Redd

Madison, we'll see you tomorrow.

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