Thursday, April 30, 2009

The End is the Beginning is the End

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Here we are, the final day of BEDA. I can hardly believe it. When this month started, I thought for sure I was not going to complete this thing successfully. I certainly never thought I'd end up with 30 blog posts. Fifteen was certainly possible, maybe somewhere in the twenties, but to actually reach thirty? And have something to say most of those thirty?

What can I say? I severely doubted myself. After the failure of my collaborative vlog channel last year, and my aborted NaNoWriMo attempt (didn't even start writing), I was beginning to feel that I was not a "closer". I have always had this tendency to start projects and never actually finish them. For the longest time, my father kept a trash can in his shop that I was planning on turning into a robot. The plans were from an old Boy's Life magazine where you essentially take a remote control truck, remove the chassis and place an inverted trash can over the base, then use vacuum tubes for the arms and a plastic container for the head with electronic components placed inside to make it look real.

I never moved beyond the inverted trash can stage.

But, here we are now, it's the final day of BEDA, and I have 30 lovely blog posts to look back upon for the month. Also, I get to cross an item off my buried life/bucket list. This actually leads me to my next point.

What do we do after BEDA? I for one, am certainly not stopping. I've made too much progress in a month to stop now. I might not blog every SINGLE day in the future, but I'm certainly going to keep writing blog posts, and I know they will be more often than they were before April. Before BEDA, I had written a measly 27 blog posts on a blog I started in March of 2008. In one month, I have doubled my blog productivity. That's impressive.

Also, while I was researching the total number of blog posts, I realized I have a new follower on my blog. My friend Corbie has been the lone follower for quite some time, but now he has been joined by the lovely Amanda (another good friend). So, welcome aboard.

I'd also like to take a moment and thank all the wonderful BEDA readers who've been following me during this month. I'm going to keep posting to the ning, hope you will too. Let's keep writing and reading each other. This has been great.

As for the future (to get back off topic after several deviations), I want to announce what you'll be seeing from me. I have been working on this for a while, and I'm finally ready to begin production. Starting in May I'm am putting together a web series for YouTube and other video sites that I'm calling "30 by 30". This show will focus on myself (and others) completing items on my buried life/bucket list. I will be posting blogs to update the status of that and each video will be posted as a blog as well.

It's been a great month. I hope we will all stay in contact with one another. Hopefully, I'll see you all on the ning, or elsewhere on the marvelous interwebz.

So, for all of you that have successfully completed this marvelous month, and for those who had a few slips here or there, or even for those who feel they failed miserably (only when we truly give up on life do we ever fail); for all of you:

Take a Bow:

OH! And an extra special thank you to Maureen Johnson for bringing about this marvelous month of activity. You, lovely lady, have helped me more than you may ever truly know.

William the Bloody Successful Redd

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