Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Art of Multitasking

So, it's Easter.

Hope everyone had a very happy one today.

My family decided to head down to the beach for the week, so that's where I'm blogging from now. There's no wireless signal at the moment, so I'm on Mom's computer. It's interesting trying to write one of these with your parents (specifically your mother) looking over your shoulder (keep catching her out of the corner of my eye).

Also, she almost dropped the Easter Lily my Dad got her looking for the bag of Friskies in the next room.


Anyway, I've been thinking a lot lately about multitasking. We seem to do it more and more, especially business calls while driving (or in my case; eating, sleeping, watching a movie/TV).

On Saturday, when I first got to New Bern, I was eating lunch. Well, my parents have a cat (a Himalayan named Chelsea) who knows I will play with her. Of course, I was right in the middle of lunch, but she was very insistent. So, I grabbed her favorite toy (a piece of thick green yarn tied to a stick) and started moving it around, enticing her, and continued to eat.

That's right, I got mad skillz, yo!

Today, as often happens, I was watching television and reading online at the same time. At this particular moment it was "The Amazing Race" on the tube and Maureen's blog about writing.

This got me thinking:

I would kind of like to go on a trip around the world/another country and perform assigned tasks. But, instead of the reality television, competition style Amazing Race, I would much rather have it be like Maureen's "13 Little Blue Envelopes".

Would anyone be down to try something like this? I loved the idea when I first read about it, and would definitely love to try this for real at some point.

Anyway, I'm gonna keep this short since there are eyes on me.

William the Bloody Multitasking Redd

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