Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ADR Is Fun

So, it's been a busy day (technically two days since I'm writing this on Thursday, but posting it on Wednesday. Time travel, you marvelous bitch!).

The day started early as I had a meeting regarding a potential job (well, the potential for a potential job, actually). After the meeting, ran to meet up with Mike to get a DVD including a scene from the horror movie we've been working on for quite a while, The Artifact. The scene was so I could get ADR of that scene for one of the actor's, J.

J is one of the Lost fans I always watch the show with on Wednesday nights, so Mike's plan was to have me take everything over there and grab the audio (ADR, for those who don't know, stands for Automated Dialogue Replacement or Additional Dialogue Recording), but that didn't happen because LeAnne, one of our other Lost watchers, was feeling really tired, so I drove her to J's and then we left right after. I knew this going in, so I didn't even plan to record. J and I just set up a time on Thursday when we could get together to record.

He came over today (Thursday) and we made short work of the ADR. You would think it was fairly simple to mimic yourself after you record, but it can be quite difficult depending on the situation. I think that sometimes your way of speaking changes based on outside factors and it's hard to repeat the same performance exactly.

Also while he was here, we recorded a brief bit of audio for Jersey Jones, a project I've been re-editing for a while now. I'm finding bits that need additional material as I edit to incorporate two shorts into a single narrative. Also, it's amazing how much footage we shot. J and I both noticed how two shorts, originally 9 and 17 minutes each, are now going to be re-cut as 5 10 minute segments.

So, I'm going to jump back in to editing, and borrowing certain techniques from other sources to add a little something to the re-cut.

Well, after I make the jump back in time to post this Wednesday night.

William the Bloody Time-Traveling Redd

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