Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'd have to say it was a good day

So, a few weeks ago my friends Corbie and Andy came to town as part of their tour with their band Where the Buffalo Roamed.  The Sunday after the show at the Soapbox, we decided to hit the beach and take a walk.

I took along my video camera to try and potentially revive my defunct YouTube Project for the 5 Regular Guys.

This is the result:


We certainly did.

William the Bloody Beached Redd

Friday, November 28, 2008

I return from the GRAVE!!!

Well, maybe not the grave; but it felt like it for a while there.

Anyway, I'm back to blog.

First things first, just thought I'd update everyone on the whole Buried Life/Bucket List thing.

It's done.

Want to read it? Well, here you go:

1. Write a novel
2. Direct a feature film
3. Travel across Europe
4. Live in New York
5. Live in Paris
6. Live in California
7. Meet Hank and John Green
8. Meet Maureen Johnson
9. Go to Australia
10. Go to Alaska
11. Go to a red carpet event
12. Perform stand-up
13. Be a stunt-man
14. Visit the City Lights Bookstore
15. Invent something
16. Build a robot
17. Make a puppet
18. Create a web-serial
19. Create a TV show
20. Write a stage-play
21. Travel across the country
22. Create a comic book
23. Create a webcomic
24. Learn to dance
25. Learn martial arts
26. Paint something beautiful
27. Learn guitar
28. Learn piano
29. Direct a music video
30. Host a variety show
31. Put together a Roast (Friar's Club, Dean Martin) for a friend
32. Run a movie theater
33. Run a drive-in theater
34. Create a t-shirt
35. Pull off a prank on a friend (large-scale)
36. Build something
37. Rebuild a car
38. Get a tattoo
39. Get a tattoo from Kat Von D
40. Do a "Merry Pranksters" style bus tour
41. Write a song
42. Be a pirate
43. Be a ninja
44. Go to a Renaissance Fair
45. Attend a LARP session
46. Visit Jim Morrison's grave
47. Go to China
48. Meet Uwe Boll (smack him upside the head?)
49. Meet the Dalai Llama
50. Attend a seance
51. Get a spiritual tattoo
52. Meet Stan Lee
53. Meet the Pope
54. Go on an ACTUAL Walkabout
55. Learn to fly
56. Skydive
57. Para-sail
58. Tour with a band
59. Be on Saturday Night Live
60. Go to the Playboy Mansion
61. Pay back my parents
62. Go dog sledding
63. Introduce Jenkins to Jorga Fox
64. Smash a guitar on stage
65. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records
66. Lead a parade
67. Meet Rachel McAdams
68. Throw a block party
69. Kiss a girl at random
70. Give a complete stranger a hug
71. Be on a late night talk show
72. Go out in public and throw a "money shower" (make it rain)
73. Fall in love
74. Dance in public *(partially completed)
75. Pull off a public prank
76. Run with the bulls in Pamplona
77. See the Eiffel Tower
78. See Mt. Rushmore
79. Climb a mountain
80. Go to Tibet
81. Go to a YouTube Gathering
82. Go to a Nerdfighter Gathering
83. Teach a class
84. Travel the Amazon
85. Work with/for Adult Swim
86. Punch Nicholas Sparks in the face
87. Preach a sermon
88. Perform a wedding ceremony
89. Visit New Zealand
90. Visit Easter Island
91. Go deep sea diving
92. Go to the Cannes Film Festival
93. Learn a foreign language
94. Have an action figure made of my likeness
95. Live in Key West
96. See Stonehenge
97. Ride a horse
98. Ride a motorcycle
99. Ride a camel
100. Drive a big-rig truck (18-wheeler)
101. Write Timelord Rock
102. Write Wizard Rock
103. Learn to surf
104. Learn to skateboard
105. Meet Rob & Big
106. Create a Rube Goldberg Device
107. Go Geocaching
108. Hug Beccah (lisasimpson from YouTube)
109. Introduce my mother to Andy Griffith
110. Learn a new dance
111. See Antartica
112. Go to the Sundance Film Festival
113. Go to the Tromadance Film Festival
114. Work for Troma
115. Meet Lloyd Kaufman
116. Visit Vienna
117. Make someone's day
118. Give as many hugs as possible in one day
119. Have a picnic
120. Ride an elephant
121. See the Statue of Liberty
122. See the Pyramids
123. Take a slow boat to China
124. Go to a MAJOR Comic Book Convention
125. Adopt a cat
126. Create an alternate reality game (like the Lost Experience)
127. Experience weightlessness
128. Stand at the edge of a volcano
129. Swim with dolphins
130. Run a marathon

This list is ever-growing, so there will be much more to come...

And I'll hopefully start knocking things off soon.

Oh, and I signed up for a profile on the Buried Life ning.  That list will probably stay more up to date than this one.  Check it out.

Also, I'll be trying to get video of as many of these as possible, so each of these will eventually link to a video and blog post about the experience.

All for now, more tomorrow.

William the Bloody Soon To Be Quite Busy Redd