Thursday, April 17, 2008

Go-Phone advertisers in my HEAD!!


So I've been thinking about that new Go-Phone ad with Meatloaf and Tiffany when I realized something strange and curiously specific to me...

The first cassette tape I ever owned was Tiffany's self-titled album (hey, don't judge me.  I was 8 and thought she was really cute).  And yeah, I owned cassettes.  In fact, I still got 'em!

Now here's where it gets a little strange:

The first CD I bought was Meatloaf's "Bat Out of Hell II".  Which I still think is a great album.  Well, he's just awesome anyway.

So, the advertisers of the Go-Phone decide to shoot a commercial with Meatloaf using "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" (amazing song) for an ad.  They set up a father and son talking about getting a phone through the song.  Then, the mother comes in.  And, out of all the female singers they could have chosen to play mom, they just happen to choose...

Do I have to say it?

OK, they choose TIFFANY! (who still looks amazing, by the way).

Was this just a random occurrence?  Dumb luck?

Or, was it something more?

Meh, it's just a weird coincidence.  But a really strange one, yes?

Just had to ease my mind.

As always,

William the Bloody Strangely Coincidental Redd