Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I think I've overbooked... again!

So,  I'm finally back in Wilmington after Thanksgiving break (which didn't feel like a real break after helping my Dad move furniture between New Bern and Greenville... and then down to Emerald Isle) and I think I have once again taken on too much work.

I realized this today as I talked to my friend Aaron about two projects he wants to try to get done this week.  Along with that, I also have a short I need to script and shoot by Dec. 14th for Project: Direct with Mike from D'Mentd.  Of course, I'm trying to shoot "Finding Maria" before everyone leaves for the holidays.  Then there are my general editing duties which I've yet to finish and need to soon (very soon).

Oh yeah!  And there's the prep work I need to do for next year's YouTube project (more on that later) and the Final Cut Film Festival (anybody know where I can gain access to some wrecked automobiles in Wilmington for a weekend?).

Did I mention I'm also helping a friend move some time this week?

Why do I keep doing this to myself?

William the Bloody Stressed Redd

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