Sunday, September 14, 2008

A realization

Seems like I'm having quite a few epiphanies of late, hope I don't burn out.

I've been wondering what exactly I should do with this blog.  I originally wanted to start a writing project where I would write every single day just to get in the habit.  Unfortunately, my resolve is for shit.  So, I've been trying to decide what this blog should entail.

The funny thing is, I've also started two other blogs recently; one for movie reviews and another for updates to my Media Blitzkrieg website.  I'm even considering starting another blog for gonzo style posts...

Of course, now that I think about it, this blog could be used for that quite nicely whenever I'm in that kind of mood.  It would certainly fit one of my original concepts for this one.

Still in the process of working through what I want to do, but I'll keep anyone reading updated on that front.

Not that I'm entirely sure anyone is reading this thing...

William the Bloody Indecisive Redd

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