Friday, September 5, 2008

Honestly, I expected more

So, everyone has been getting prepared for Hanna, and I did honestly expect more at this point.

People have mentioned losing power already.  This strikes me as odd since I live in an apartment complex with some of the worst power in town, but not even a brown-out here (he says, hoping he doesn't jinx it).

Normally, if a storm is gonna hit us, the power would be gone by now and I'd be writing this down in hopes of typing it up when the lights return.

Still, I'm not an idiot.  I hit the grocery store today and stocked up on food.  Lots of dry-goods and non-perishables... plus some perishables because I figured it would be a while before Hanna got here.  Of course, no one knows when that's going to be.

The Weather Channel says the storm is hitting land in SC (low down the coast) and working it's way up from there.  Hopefully, by the time it reaches us, she'll be too weak to do much damage. There's a Weather Channel reporter on right now live from Ocean Isle, NC who is outside reporting with strong winds, but no rain at the moment.

Ophelia was the last hurricane to do some damage here.  The one thing that amazes me at the moment is the lack of rain (again, he says hoping he doesn't jinx things).  Normally, there would be a massive collection of water in my parking lot (right outside my door), and the car would be immersed slightly.  Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet.

Of course, if it does I have an invite to go stay with some friends downtown (assuming I can get the car out of the lot by that point) and hang with them.  I'll probably take them up on that tomorrow.

For tonight, more storm prep just in case.

EDIT: Perhaps I spoke too soon.  The power just stuttered a few times.  Not good.

Batten down the hatches, me hardies.  This here be a man-eater. Y'argh.

William the Bloody Despicable Redd

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