Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not much to say early in the morning

So, yeah.

Had a fun day.  Went to the screening of "The 27 Club" and it's simply incredible.  This was a feature filmed partly here in Wilmington.  I know a lot of the crew, so I snagged the invite (thank you Vanessa).  It was originally called "Three Words and a Star", and honestly I'm glad they changed the name.  I understand the title, but the "average joe" movie-goer will be scratchin' their heads trying to figure it out.  But, as I said, the movie is great so go see it when you get the chance.

Then, there was the after party.  This was interesting because it was at a hookah bar.  Now, not the first time I've smoked from a hookah (surprisingly mellow considering I'm not a smoker and have mild bronchial asthma), but it's my first time in a public.  Kinda cool.  Nothing much going on at the after party, so some of us decided to head next door (two doors down technically) to a club called Pravda.  Pravda is a communist-themed bar.  Read that again, it helps to see/hear that at least twice.

Save it's sketchy theme, the bar is very cool.  We hung around, everyone else drank (I never have.  Just a personal preference), then LeAnne taught me to dance a basic Salsa.  Not bad, considering I have two left feet most of the time (still fumbled around a bit, but I wasn't horrible).  It was a fun time.

Then, we went back to Oasis (the hookah bar) and spent the rest of the night huddled together and talking until the bartender kicked us out (he was quite patient considering he didn't say anything for 35 minutes after closing time).

And that was my night.  Probably need to have more of those.  Certainly better than hanging around the apartment watching the sorry state of affairs we call television.

Also, pleasantly surprised to find my response to Toddly00's story contest has over 200 views already and several positive comments (including one from Todd himself).

Here's Todd's original video:

And here's what I came up with:

So yeah, there's that.

Oh, and I like how all the "related videos" that YouTube found are all "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" videos.  Apparently, YouTube equates my experience in Toddland with the wacky adventures of Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan, esq.  I'm quite honored.

Well, I think I'm tapped out for tonight/this morning.  Think I'll sign off and try that new trend I keep hearing about.  What was it called again?  Oh, SLEEP!  That's right.  I've heard it's quite nice.

Please remember... be excellent to each other.  (we miss you George)

William the Bloody Excellent Storyteller Redd, esq.

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